saved email from L E N Ltd. Thu 10/02/2011 09:18

Hi Martyn & all


We would just like to say a big thank you to all of you for turning our order around so quickly.

It was really appreciated



All at LEN


saved email from Big José in Portugal. Mon 24/09/2007 12:06

Good afternoon!!!


I’m just sending this email to say that the end plates arrived today. Thank you very much for your time and attention. It was a pleasure to make business with your company.

Best regards,


José Ferreira


Quer credito? S, M ou XL?

Saiba mais em


Saved email from David Winkley. Fri 24/08/2007 14:24


Arrived next day. Excellent product and excellent service.

Very happy to recommend your products around the amateur radio fraternity.

Best regards




Saved email from Gérard Jeanfavre in France. Wed 18/10/2006 07:15



I have already done that for the previous series, it works well.


Here, we have a mechanical departement, but for drilling and

machining the plates you are a lot cheaper and faster. I will

give them the front plates for finishing the holes.


What I have experienced with you sounds good. You quality are the following :


  1. Good looking boxes
  2. Cheap box price
  3. Ability for machining
  4. Cheap machining price
  5. Fast
  6. Open minded


The next time I have a new product to design be sure I will take a tour

on your web site.


Kind regards



Femto SA

Gérard Jeanfavre
Ingénieur HES, Chef de projet



saved email from Ivor Davies in UK. Wed 11/05/2005 12:58


Hi John,

 In the last minute frantics of organising our exhibition, I thought I'd drop you a line to express my thanks for your help in making it all happen.

The Lynx box looks great with its smart end plates and the circuit boards to go in them will be assembled on Monday ready for me to drive up to Telford with them that evening. We're working right up to the line on this one and your help on the boxes is very much appreciated.

 Let's talk after the show.


Best Regards,

Ivor Davies


Did you know?

You can fit any size circuit board into our enclosures. Either with a special carrier plate or with a custom sized UnioBox. Did you also know that there is no minimum order for boxes or panel printing. Just email us your requirements and drawings and we can quote you per unit.


We can engineer your housing for you, using your circuit board and a sketch of your front panel.

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