We can help you with your electronic prototypes. If you have not started your design then this is the best time to talk to us. We can advise on the cost implications of your design choices and advise routes to market that will give most flexibility. We are not going to push you to buy our services if they are not what you need. Our advice is free, our experience is unmatched.

Perhaps your board already exists, then maybe you have designed it to be 100mm or 160mm wide with edge strips free of components so it will easily slide into our E-Case range. Maybe not. Maybe it is a pre-existing computer board with your own software on it, and you need some way of housing it. We can offer the U-Case enclosures in standard width and Uniobox range of enclosures which have variable width length and height. We can make a carrier plate which will hold your board on stand-offs and slide into one of our enclosures. We can punch the front and rear panels and print them. We can work from a sketch, or directly from your board. We can use your artwork or create artwork for you. Maybe you have a 19" rack application. We can help you with that too.

Perhaps you have already chosen a housing for your design, and just need someone to punch and print the end plates for you. We can do that too.


Did you know?

You can fit any size circuit board into our enclosures. Either with a special carrier plate or with a custom sized UnioBox. Did you also know that there is no minimum order for boxes or panel printing. Just email us your requirements and drawings and we can quote you per unit.


We can engineer your housing for you, using your circuit board and a sketch of your front panel.

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