E-Case and UnioBox are the standard enclosure types offered by Panel Print.  We also hold 19" rack blanks which we can quickly modify for prototypes. Our uniobox range can also be mounted behind the 19" rack front to form a complete 19" rack enclosure.   Also we supply custom designed microwave/ rf boxes milled from solid aluminium.

E-Case is a box section aluminium extrusion in 4 profiles to take boards from 55mm x 40mm up to 220mm x 160mm with component heights of 18mm (E-Case A and B), 33mm (E-Case C) and 41mm (E-Case D).It is available black or silver anodized  in standard lengths and also in non-standard colours and lengths. E-Case features Linc-lug wall mounting lugs, gaskets and bezels as optional accessories.

UnioBox has extruded sides with sheet metal top and bottom panels to form a variable width box section and punched front and back plates of variable widths to suit. Externally UnioBox features 82mm and 120mm extrusion heights and this gives rise to component heights of 55mm and 95 mm respectively.  UnioBox is larger and prettier than E-Case, but does not currently feature the versatile accessories of the E-Case range.

Our 19" rack fronts were born out of our ability to punch and print 3mm aluminium to rapidly prototype a customer's requirements.  Also, we have UnioBox and U-Case extrusions which we can optionally fit to make back boxes for holding circuit boards, so this makes a versatile system for some applications.

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Did you know?

You can fit any size circuit board into our enclosures. Either with a special carrier plate or with a custom sized UnioBox. Did you also know that there is no minimum order for boxes or panel printing. Just email us your requirements and drawings and we can quote you per unit.


We can engineer your housing for you, using your circuit board and a sketch of your front panel.

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